At Farm Tray We understand the need to source and supply high quality products to its customers especially when dealing with food ingredients Sourcing is done from ISO 9001 and HACCP certified suppliers ensuring superior quality at a fair price. Suppliers are selected on the basis of their ability to supply the company with outstanding quality products which meet our quality specifications & standards. Top priority is given to outstanding quality and scrupulous business ethics, a philosophy that is appreciated by our customers. The chief objective is not just to meet, but to surpass the quality expectations of our customers.

Our storage, cleaning and processing capabilities are focused towards delivering products that maximize your profitability, and insure reliability. Spices are grinded and packed in total hygiene. We are constantly striving to provide quality spices to our customers by carefully sourcing all raw material from India's prime growing farm sectors. The suppliers chosen at every spice growing area are highly reliable, trustworthy and equipped with latest automatic machinery to process spices. Our aim is to provide consistent delivery of superb quality spices to the customers at a very reasonable price.