Farm Tray is an ultra premium export brand of spices. It derives the tremendous knowledge of quality spices from its promoters with family background of nearly 100 Years in the spice business.

Farm Tray welcomes you to the delicious world of spices. A world that promises you the goodness of health and exquisite flavours of India. Indian tradition has always taken pride at the skills of their population, who used to grind their spices manually at home and make their own blends. Farm Tray respects the skills of the Indian population and ensures that only the best quality spices reach millions of homes. We take special care in selecting raw material for all our products. Our products are free of preservatives and synthetic colours along with being pure vegetarian. The storage and selection techniques for our raw materials are in accordance with the latest technologies and machines. That's why we believe in purity that lasts, lingers and spreads its aroma for generations.


No Artificial Interventions

No Chemicals

No Pesticides